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Life after the Salt Lake Olympics
U.S. National coach Ben Smith looks at the future of the women's game
Publisher: The Hockey Magazine
Date: 5/24/2002
Subject: Hockey
Comments: In this piece for The Hockey Magazine following the Winter Olympic Games, I chat with Ben Smith, coach of the U.S. women's national hockey team, about the slippery road ahead for women on ice.
Keeping the ball rolling
Women's World Cup soccer shines light on youth programs
Date: 5/24/2002
Subject: Sports
Comments: Following the United States's World Cup victory, assigned me to look into the connection between that event and the wildly successful youth soccer programs in this country.
Net gain
A 40-something goaltender tries to recapture his glory days
Publisher: The Hockey Magazine
Date: 5/24/2002
Subject: Hockey
Comments: Goalie camp? At 43? Why not? Goes to show you're never too old to take a puck upside the head. This account of one of the longest weeks of my life appeared in The Hockey Magazine.
Tommy Caldwell, The Life
Climber recounts escape from rebels
Publisher: ESPN the Magazine
Date: 5/24/2002
Subject: Climbing/Profiles
Comments: An interview with one of the most impressive and articulate young athletes I've met, climber Tommy Caldwell. This quick profile was done for ESPN's "The Life" column.
Stepping up to the plate
Green Monster mash at Boston's Fenway Park
Publisher: Continental Airlines
Date: 5/22/2002
Subject: Sports/Travel
Comments: It wasn't easy, growing up as a Red Sox fan in northern New Jersey. And all those memories came flooding back as I lived out a lifelong dream by stepping into the batter's box at Fenway Park in Boston, a short 310 feet from the legendary Green Monster.
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