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The lure of the lines
Mountain bikers find escape on power line easements
Publisher: New England Outdoors
Date: 1/27/2003
Subject: Mountain biking
Comments: With huge tracts of open space sparse in New England, power line trails often provide an urban outlet for fat-tire fanatics. Originally written for the now-defunct new England Outdoors magazine.
Downhill all day
Ski resorts bring mountain biking full circle
Publisher: Outdoor Adventure
Date: 7/28/2002
Subject: Mountain biking
Comments: Admittedly, I've got mixed feelings about mountain biking at ski resorts. Chairlifts, to my mind, are simply too easy, and mountain biking requires some work to fully enjoy the rewards. That said, many resorts also feature killer trail systems, and you've got to love those slopeside accommodations. This piece, done for Outdoor Adventure magazine, highlights the best resorts for fat-tire types.
Gone Green
Fat City's Second Chance in Vermont
Publisher: Dirt Rag
Date: 6/30/2002
Subject: Mountain biking
Comments: Initially written for the now-defunct Mountain Biking, this piece on Chris Chance's Fat City Cycles, and the wonderful trails surrounding his shop on the outskirts of Stowe, Vermont, finally saw the light of day in Dirt Rag.
Moab Magic
Five days and four nights in Utah’s high desert
Publisher: Continental Airlines
Date: 6/13/2002
Subject: Mountain biking
Comments: When the opportunity arose to visit Moab, the original mountain bike mecca, I couldn't refuse. I wasn't disappointed.
A ride on the dark side
An October road trip to Witch City, USA
Publisher: Mens Journal
Date: 6/13/2002
Subject: Mountain biking
Comments: What better place to conjure the supernatural side of mountain biking than Salem, Massachusetts? Here's a weekend itinerary for October visitors.
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